Monday, January 16, 2012

What Would You Do?

A recent tragedy happened in my family this past week. A fuze blew in the basement of Zach's grandparents house and their house caught on fire. His grandfather saw the fire while he was sleeping on the first floor he yelled for his grandmother to get out of the house. She was on the first floor but for some unknown reason she decided to go upstairs and grab something. Fortunately, his grandpa is alright and only had to have an overnight stay in the hospital. Unfortunately, his grandma is not alright and she became very burnt on the upper half of her body and is in the trauma ICU at this moment, attempting to recover. They are both very fortunate to have such a supportive family in this time of great need. The entire waiting room has been full of family and friends pouring their hearts out in hope and prayer for her recovery. I myself have had love for both of them ever since I started dating Zach six years ago. His grandmother has said to me before that, "Keri and I have a special bond." I hope that this bond we have, and the bonds that she has with everyone else, can pull her threw. As my sister-in-law said, "She's a stubborn french woman."

Grampy & Grammy on Christmas Eve.

But of course, this has had me wondering. What happened if MY house caught on fire? What would I do? Would I run out as soon as possible? Would I grab Trinity? Would the cats make it out? Or, would all reason and sanity go out the window as I try to save a special item that I hold dear?
I told a co-worker that my greatest fear, for my animals, is if a fire started at my home and they were there alone. But than again, another fear of mine, is what would happen to my pets if something happened to both Zach and I? Would my family step up and care for my animals? Or, would they go to a shelter? I fortunately have a great dog and cat loving family that I would pray would love my animals just as much as I love them. But for many people this is not true and many cats, dogs and other house hold pets are taken to shelters all across America every day because a great tragedy happened and their family will not care for them.

So, has this made you wonder? What would happen to your pets if something happened to you? Many people draw out wills to plan where their estate will go if something happens to them, but what about your animals? What would you do?

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