Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our Lucky Star

I've realized I talk about Trinity & Cookie Dough here on the blog a lot. But I neglect to mention my oldest cat, Star or Lucky Star, to be exact. Here's her story...

Star was a tinny kitten when we first rescued her. We found her under an old wooden T.V box on the porch one day. She was small, scared and weak. Abandoned by her mother and covered in urine we knew she needed a warm and clean place to stay. So, we took her inside and gave her a bath which she was not happy about. She looked like one little drowned rat. We feed her some formula and hoped that she would make it. Considering everything that had happened to her we were not to sure if she would survive. But she did. After a few days she began to search around Zach's room and was using the litter box quite well. Of course at that time I wanted to keep this little kitten so she needed a name. At that time I had been listening to "Lucky Star" by Madonna, I thought that was a wonderful name for such a lucky girl. But I started calling her, Star, because I don't like the name Lucky very much, but I thought the name fit her quite well.

Nearly seven years have passed but now she's a happy healthy cat. She loves playing with Cookie Dough but not Trinity so much. She's still shy and timid around people but we love her all the same.

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