Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Look What's For Dinner & A Sit/Stay Teeser

Look what I'm making for dinner....
 It looks yummy doesn't it? I'm making old fashioned pot roast today. I get most of my crock pot recipes from another blogger over at They are super tasty and if your on a gluten free diet it's perfect for you! (Were not a gluten free house but I love the recipes!)

While I was taking pictures I decided to do a sit and stay for Trinity. Then Cookie Dough decided to pitch in.
 Of course she decided to taunt her knowing I wasn't going to let Trinity 'play' with her.
 Here's the look I got as I did this.
 Pretending that she wasn't doing her 'look at me, look at me!' pose.
Trinity did so well. She got a treat, then was able to chase Cookie Dough.


  1. Cookie Dough is strutting in these pictures - it's pretty amazing! :)

    1. Haha yes she is. She likes to make Trinity jealous. Thanks for stopping buy my blog!

  2. I love Crockpot 365! Crockpot recipes are so easy and it doesn't hurt that they are Gluten Free (which I am). I love that your babies have the same colors in their coats. Too precious.

    1. Thanks! Crock-potting is my favorite! I have 4 of them.
      For some reason i love black with white colored animals.