Thursday, February 9, 2012

Today's Training Class

I stated in my previous post when we adopted Trinity I assumed I would train her myself. Of course, after two months, I knew I needed help with that. As a result we have been going to Master Peace for eight months now. We love it there! We do clicker based, positive training. This really bonds us and she gets to work her brain in order to make the right decisions. We have had many classes which include, puppy kindergarten, three rounds of graduate puppy, two agility classes and we are in the middle of our continuing education course right now. This course will prepare us for the CGC. Trinity is not quite ready for the test but she sure is getting better every time we attend class. 

Today, we did a class involving the scary (well, for Trinity anyway) hula hoops. She had to sit and stay in it for a whole 30 seconds. For her that's long considering how scared she is of inanimate objects. We also did an exercise involving having other people pet the dogs. For Trinity this is the hardest thing because she LOVES people. So much so that she wants to jump on them. But today she didn't jump on anyone, not even our instructor which is quite hard for her. Of course it helps that I give her treats full of hot dogs, bologna, cheese, chicken, steak & peperoni ( her favorite). We used to use regular dog treats but little spoiled Miss. Trinity became bored with them and will refuse to eat them. So now we have upgraded. But hey, if this makes her a well behaved dog I'm all for it. In two weeks we will be starting our intro into competition obedience class!
Here she is on our first snow 'storm' of the year!

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