Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Trinity's Really Reliable Recall

Trinity, Zach and I have been going to a training class for eight months now. We have had our ups and downs during this time from, not listening, to barking and distracting everyone around us, to jumping for the instructor to pet her. But recently she has been getting better at paying attention and has not barked during two classes now. She still loves it when Fran pets her and we work on that at every class.
Me? Jump on people? Never!
Because of our training, I can now call her from across the room during play group (every Friday we go to our training center to play for 45 min with her best friends) by just yelling, 'Trinity, come here'. When she hears this she comes flying towards me for a pet, then she gets right back to playing with all her friends. Now, I have decided to start training her to go on off leash hiking areas. We have a wonderful area only a few miles from us where dogs are allowed off leash. But the catch is that they  need to be under voice control at all times. But, Trinity's not at that level yet, she still has to be told a few times for a reminder. Yet, I still want to take her on a hike and be safe.

"I'm definitely some sort of pointer. I like to lift my front paw and stare at things!"
 Therefore, I have devised a super, crazy, awesome way to have her under my complete control at all times. I took her old leash and attached it to a 50ft rope. It amazingly keeps me from being super nervous that she won't listen to me and run off after something. And while I know what your thinking, 'wow, she's a genius' It's not that awe inspiring and many people do this to off leash train their dog's.
Zach is one good rope holder!
 But, I still have to work on Miss. Trinity's recall. While at training we have used 'here' as the recall word, we've practiced it in class, in the backyard, in the house and at family members houses, she doesn't always respond to it. Just recently she's had problems with it while in the house and at the dog park. Plus I don't use it quite enough with distractions because I'm afraid she wont listen to it and of course I have created just what I was trying to avoid. That figures. So now I have decided to use 'come here' while at the dog park and in the backyard, which this now has become her Really Reliable Recall. I practice it over and over again while out on our kinda-sorta off leash walks. Here's a video of us in the field practicing.

P.S I hate my voice. I swear I'm not a 12 year old girl.

I'm not that good at teaching this, so here's a post from a real dog trainer to teach you how to recall your dog. As with anything you still need, time, consistency, patience, and love to train your dog! Good luck!


  1. I also used a rope (30 ft) to train my older dog off leash! We are still working on come when she gets scared though. When something catches her off guard (usually a person popping up) she runs towards them barking. So we are still working on that one :)

    1. Ya Training has it's ups & downs but when they have more ups than downs it's wonderful. I'm sure your pup will do better with that it just takes time. :)

  2. Trinity looks adorable and attentive and may she continue to excel in her training.

    1. Thank you! It's only taken us 8 months ;) But she's doing great.