Thursday, July 5, 2012

Another Award? I Don't Know if We Deserve it!

The Sunshine Award

This award goes to a blog that, “positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere." We received this award from Gronk and Izzy from The Adventures of Gronk and Izzy, a blog about two rescue kitty's who, use the toilet and do tricks. They are awesome and their parents are pretty patient to train cats.

Here are the questions we hand to answer.

Favorite number: 17 my birthdate

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: mountain dew, it's filled with sugar & caffein so I don't drink it alot

Facebook or Twitter: instagram! twitter sucks! (sorry everyone who likes it) and I like pictures better than status updates.

Our passion: Dog training; My passion- dance!

Favorite pattern: I dont know. I'm not an artist at all.

Favorite flower: Lillie's! They were in my flower bouquet for our wedding

Favorite day of the week: Friday! It's either my last day of the work week or first day. So either way I'm happy.

Finally we need to award this award to 10 blogs (I did 6) who are awesome. (In no particular order)

1) Tales from the Welsh Side
     1 dog 2 humans living in England. They like Doctor Who, what else is more inspiring than that?

2)  2 Punk Dogs
     They inspire me to...adopt more cats!

3)  Life in 2-Player Mode
     They love video games and dogs. That's pretty inspiring to me.

4)  A Year of Cocktails
     She inspires me to, drink more.

5) The Absentee Blogger
    She inspires me to read. She's got a great read going on right now on the blog. Check it out!

6)  Two Kitties One Pittie
     They inspire me to walk in a dog walking group. Which has yet to be done. 

Thanks again to Gronk & Izzy. We hope to inspire more people to love their pets as much as we do!

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