Friday, July 6, 2012

Trinity Get's a New Collar

I decided last month to buy a new summer collar for Trinity. I already bought a collar & leash from Sirius Republic for Christmas, but I decided she needed another one to add to the collection. I looked on the Sirius website again and again for a cute new collar that reflects her personality. I looked and looked but ultimately decided that, although they have great ethics involving rescue, their prices are getting just to expensive. Don't get me wrong, they make beautiful collars, but I also wanted to try something new. A Heartbeat at my Feet wrote a post about another made-in-the-U.S collar company called, Collar Mania. So I decided to give them a try. I looked at their website and man, do they have so many choices! I saw a really cool Tardis one but the collar could only be in a 2" and I thought that would be to large for Miss. Trinity. So, again, I looked and looked, and looked one more time before finally decided to go with a beautiful multicolored star collar. Collar Mania also has a feature to add a satin lining, for FREE!!! Being someone who loves free s*%# I opted for the fuchsia color. I also decided on a 1 1/2" martingale (her Sirius collar is a 1"). Boy did I pick right. It is gorgeous, the hardware is durable and they have a small D ring on the side for tags (so no more getting her leash stuck on the rubit!). They delivered my collar in the time they said they would. I was very happy when it arrived, as was Trinity!

This dog loves the back of the couch. She's still not allowed on it but, were working on that.

So by my estimation The Spoiled One gets a new collar approximately every 3 months. But, I love this collar. I even bought it on sale twice. I picked the pattern from the sale section and then received a 20% moving sale discount. Score! Thanks to Collar Mania for feeding into my collar addiction!

*Trinity's Love was in no way paid to do this product review. We are not affiliated with Collar Mania in any way (except as buyers). We just love to shop and blog ;)


  1. I like that collar, too! Looks awesome. Our dogs need new collars...

  2. Pawsome collar!! I have to say I, too, have a collar addiction! I wear at least two collars at all times, sometimes I wear the 'invisiable fence' collar, too (Grandpa puts it on me, but Ma turns it off ~ shhh, to tell him).
    Anyway, I think your choice is pawfect! It suits Trinity just right.



  3. Loving the stars on this collar choice. I lucked out at a local store when I found a clearance bin (I have FOUR big dogs to buy collars for). I had no idea that the collars I picked up for a steal were glow in the dark. Now when I get up in the middle of the night - I can tell exactly where everyone is sleeping! No more stepping on dogs in the middle of the night shocking the both of us. (One of my dogs is pitch black...and he's often stepped on in the dark accidentally poor thing.)

    I am dropping by on the blog hop today to share an inspiring story about a parrot rescue lady in Canada. Watch the video and I know you'll be inspired.

    Have a great rest of the weekend with your fur-kids.

  4. What a gorgeous collar!

  5. I have a bunch of Collar Mania collars...they're awesome!

  6. At first, I though Trinity was kind of a shy dog. But then I realized she simply loves that part of the couch. Aww… Anyway, the star-printed collar looks good on her. It stands out on her neutral-colored coat. :)