Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kylie's First Family Outing

Last week we went to Zach's grandpas cornerstone setting ceremony. As I have said before, his grandparents were in a house fire back in January where they lost everything. His grandma was in the hospital for 5 months. But she's one persistent woman, made it through and is home doing wonderfully. Now they have to rebuild their home. The foundation is set and the masons gave his grandpa a plaque to set into it.

I had to get this picture!
This was also an occasion for Kylie, because this was her first time at a family gathering. Trinity has been to many family parties and even was at their house for Christmas last year. I was nervous that Kylie wouldn't react right. She's a little skittish around new situations and I didn't want to overwhelm her with new faces in a new setting. But, of course, she surprised me and did really well. She let people pet her head and didn't try to move away and most importantly didn't growl when someone came near me while I was holding her. She stayed calm throughout the ceremony and only barked once.
Kylie in her 'ascot'. It's just Trinity's bandana that looks huge on her. She looks like a little old lady.

Trinity, on the other hand was a little hyper but laid down and was calm when I needed her to be. But then again she's they hyper one out of the two.

Our first, somewhat, family photo with Kylie!

It was really warm out. Both girls drank plenty of fluids and I kept wetting their bandanas throughout the day. We had a good time seeing our family and our girls enjoyed being apart of the festivities.

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  1. Wows! That's great! What a perfect family outing. That corner stone looks amazin'! Of course, the model is amazin', too!
    Congrats to Kylie! Looks like she's getting more confident.