Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kylie Gets Some Training

Trinity an Kylie are both very different dogs not only in breed but personality as well. When we first adopted Trinity I began her training almost as soon as possible. I had a lot of time to train her throughout the day and bring her to class. I loved it and the training world was a big eye opener into how my dog acted.
"If I stand here like this I'm the same size as Trinity!"

Once we adopted Kylie I knew I wanted to train her as soon as possible but unfortunately her illness has prevented us in going to training classes. So for right now I have been attempting to train loose leash walking and very basic obedience. Being a small dog (only 15lbs) I hadn't really attempted to do this with her. I think I did what many owners of small dogs do, slapped a harness on her and let her pull me to where she wanted to go. I never even realized she was doing it half the time because she's so tiny that her pulling is nothing compared to Trinity who is 65lbs. When we first adopted her I told myself that I would not be that small dog owner and let her get away with things that I don't let Trinity get away with. For the most part I had not except the leash walking.

"I'm so small I sometimes think I'm a cat."

So, I decided to go for a walk with her. I did what I had been taught last year and brought my clicker and a handful of treats. I told myself again not to let her pull me and to attempt to get her to walk by my side. I started off by clicking her for looking at me then delivered the treat on my left side. I was so amazed by this. I used to think small dog's were harder to train than large dogs (yes I know how narrow-minded that is). She's doing so well at this. She now knows when she hits the end of the leash she needs to come back to me. I'm working on duration with eye contact and keeping her at my side instead of in front of me. I also love that she takes treats outside on walks. Trinity never did that. She only likes treats given to her in a building or in our backyard this makes walking difficult for us.

"No matter what you think this is very comfortable."

Kylie is doing very well with this. I've been trying my best to walk her when I have a day off from work and when it's not dark and super cold. Where I live there are no street lights and Kylie gets so cold at night. We are going to start basic obedience after the holidays I'm ready to get her going and learn how to train her to her own specific needs.

Have you allowed certain behaviors in one dog and not in the other? Are your dog's training styles different?


  1. Badger and Mushroom both like to jump on strangers, but Badger is both larger and more enthusiastic about it. We're working on it, I promise, but Mushroom sometimes gets away with it.

  2. We have always been really into training with our pups because we're aware of the stereotypes and we know people are bound to judge an entire breed based on what they see from a single pup. Though as they've gotten older, we let a lot slide. They are still pretty good, but not the same 'bootcamp' type training we used to do. We rationalize that they are Elderbulls afterall.

  3. We don't have streetlights either, but that will be changing soon. That's the worst! That's great that you are so realistic about your own perceptions and what's realistic for Kylie. I know my dogs are under-trained. Ugh... you do such a great job. And wow, I never realized Trinity weighed that much! She outweighs my pups by 10 and 20 pounds!