Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snow Dog

Our New England weathers are finally here. We had our first snow storm yesterday and I already hate it. I'm a warm weather girl and hate the temperature dropping below 50 degrees. But guess who does love this stuff...Trinity. She didn't see much snow last year but she absolutely loves it. She made a maze in the backyard with hopping and leaping through the snow.

This is from about an hour into the storm.
Kylie figured if she just plays she will be warmer.
 I decided to hang out the window at 10:30pm to get some cool pictures of the Christmas lights and snow.
Our neighbors flag pole.

Looking up
 This morning Trinity went playing in it while Zach shoveled and Kylie and I rested on the couch.

Attacking the snow

"When you gonna throw this white stuff at me dad?"
Snow dog.

 I stood under the deck to take all these pictures. It was really cold and my feet started to freeze.

Unfortunately the storm rendered us unable to go to our show-and-go at training this morning. The event was still being held but we didn't go. Oh well, there will be plenty more to attend when we don't have a foot of snow to shovel out.

P.S If your wondering why my pictures came out so good. I got a new toy for Christmas. Product review coming soon!

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  1. Nice pics! Trinity looks like she's having fun. Love Kylie in her coat. :)