Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Trinity!

One year ago Miss. Trinity was born. She and her siblings are such special puppies. Like I've said before. Her mom was a young pup, only 2 weeks with her new family, after being adopted from the shelter. Here is Trinity with her mom Daisy, brother Jackson & sister Indiana last year.
What tinny puppies they were! Who would have known that the puppy in the middle would turn out to look like this...
She is very much my baby so, like all kids need on there first birthday is a BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!

Last night, Zach & I made a peanut butter, carrot, honey cake made especially for dogs. All the dogs said it was really good! 

 The cake was very easy to make. Here's the link to the website.

 We also made cupcakes for the humans.

My niece & I made a birthday card for Trinity. 

We also made 'party hats' for her dog, Caly. 

I put it on her & she took off very quickly. I bought a candle with the number 1 on it and we sang 'Happy Birthday' to her.

We also went for a walk around our neighborhood. I hope she enjoyed it because it was freezing, needless to say our New England winters are right around the corner.

Trinity is such a joy to have around. She's had (what I assume) such a wonderful first year, filled with many new experiences. I know we have many more exciting adventures waiting for us around the corner!

And also a Happy Birthday to Jackson & Indiana!!

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