Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Truth About Trinity: Her Mommy's Story

Well, for anyone who doesn't know Trinity was adopted. I love a good adoption story and hers is a good one. I promise.
Trinity's mom Daisy

Trinity's mom's family was looking for a second dog for their family. They decided to get a dog for Christmas. So, they went to their local animal shelter in Arkansas and picked out the cutest black dog. Trinity's mom was fairly young at the time, probably a year old. Well, a few weeks after having her she had puppies! Yes, that's right she was pregnant in the shelter. Now, the shelter that she was at was a kill shelter. If you don't know what that is, it means they will euthanise a dog for aggression, overpopulation or pregnancy. It was very lucky that she was adopted because if they found out that she was pregnant they would have killed her and her 3 little puppies inside her. So Trinity's mommy is a very lucky dog. Not only to be adopted by such wonderful people who went to there local shelter and adopted, but because she is a BLACK dog. In the south they have a stereotype for a black dog called "black dog syndrome" where many dark dog's are overlooked because of their appearance. Trinity's mom was 6 weeks into her pregnancy when she was adopted. She had no signs of pregnancy because of her thin, frail state. But despite all of that on December 28, 2010 little Trinity, Indiana & Jackson were born. Look how small and pudgy they were

From top to bottom: Trinity, Jackson & Indiana
She's my little miracle baby and she doesn't even know it. She has always had a family to protect her and love her. So, even though she's not technically a rescued shelter dog she was 2 weeks away from it. I thank the Lord every day for such wonderful people who opened up their home so I could open up mine for such a happy, loving dog.

Me and my Trinity

P.S You can find Trinity's adoption story here on!

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