Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Truth About Trinity: How I Found My Best Friend For Life

I have always been an animal lover. I had a dog & cat at my dad's house when I was young. But my mother is allergic to them so I never had one when I lived with her. So for 14 years I never had a pet in my house.
When my husband & I bought our house we adopted 2 cats. My husband had a golden retriever that was 15 when he passed in 2009. As he is also a dog lover, we felt like our house was missing something...a PUPPY!! Well, eight months after we got married I asked Zach if we could get a puppy for the summer. He said "yes" (of course I knew he would) and the very next day I looked on pet finder.

 My criteria for a dog was:
1) A large dog, I love big dogs
2) A puppy, I wanted to raise my dog from baby to adulthood 
3) Black, my dog as a child was a black lab mix and I love a great, big black dog
4) A pointer, originally I wanted a German Short haired Pointer pedigree puppy. I had researched about them and love there overall personalities. But when I looked for a breeder in the area it was WAY to expensive. Then I realized what I really wanted to do was adopt a dog.
5) A girl, I don't know why but I wanted a girl dog.

Well, I put in my search for a baby, pointer, with in 100miles from my house. And there she was. This little cutie ---------->
My heart just melted.
I looked at Zach and said, "Do you think we could get a puppy now?" And he said, "Why did you find one?" I handed him the laptop and he said "Sure" That was it, I knew I found my best friend for life. I put in my application and waited nervously for a response. But that's a whole other blog post.


  1. That's an impostor pup! It's so funny how much she's grown and her coloring has changed in the last year.

  2. I know other than her legs she doesn't have the same coloring at all. She looks like a totally different pup now!