Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Top 10: Trinity

I write a lot about my pets on my blog but today I'm going to start focusing on things that interest me. Well, maybe I'll do both. I'll do a top 10 things about a certain subject. First, I'll start with something that is really easy to write about...Trinity. So here goes.

The top ten reasons why (in no particular order) I love Trinity...

She loves to sit pretty for the camera.
1) She's super cute. Of course because that's the reason I got her.
2) She's quiet calm at home. She's really calmed down since she's left her puppy hood stage.
3) She's non-destructive. I've never had to worry if she's chewing on the walls, pulling apart the trash or clawing at something.
4) She likes to go around in circles in the back yard at random times. It's super cute!
5) She's very smart. She learned how to 'shake' when she was 4 months old and learned the voice command after only saying it 5 times. (BTW I'm not exaggerating on this one) She also knows a bunch more tricks but I've run out of tricks to teach her :(
6) She love's people and other dogs. She will play with any type of dog, big or small! Her best friend's a 20lb terrier mix!
7) She gives the best kisses!
8) When she goes to get a drink her chin beard gets all wet & drips her water all over the place.
9) She hogs Zach's pillow at night.
10) She's become quite a well behaved dog. She's been listening to my voice commands and I love that! Hey she should be after 3 obedience classes!

And of course here's a few pictures of her tricks.

Here is 'beg'
'Beg' going into 'put 'em up'

'Put 'em up'

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