Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cookie Dough: The Reasons Why I Love This Cat

Cookie Dough. What a crazy name for a cat! Well, yes it is. But there's a reason for that. She is a crazy cat. These are the reasons why I love her.
  1. She'll eat anything, anything eatable that is.
  2. She loves to run and jump all over the place. Any time she hears the noise of a window being opened, she runs right where she thinks it's being opened. This means even if the window hasn't been opened yet. Yes, she has fallen off of window ledges before.
  3. She's such a good playmate for Star. Star was the only cat before we took in Cookie Dough last year. She was lonely for awhile, but now they play all night long. Believe me, we can here them running back and forth in the hall outside our room.
  4. She loves to lay on you, but only when it's cold out. I can definitely tell when the weather is getting cooler because she will curl on my lap when I'm on the couch. But she doesn't do it during the summer, it's to hot for her.
  5. I'm always reminded that she once was an outside cat. She likes water and being in the bathroom. It's her favorite place in the house.
  6. She's always following me around the house. Until we got Trinity she was at my side all day long. 
  7. She's good at taking pictures. As seen above.
  8. She's got crazy cat eyes when she hears something odd.
  9. Her beautiful coloring.
  10. Even though she's two she still acts like a kitten. Enough said! 
I love my cats just as much as I love Trinity. Cookie Dough is no exception. I feel like she's got a little bit of my personality in her, the wacky, crazy side. Not the stupid side. (We tend to call Cookie stupid a lot.)

My future blog posts about Cookie Dough: Why we took her in & Cookie Dough's first night inside!


  1. How sweet! Cookie is beautiful - I just love her markings. That is one odd expression in her picture above. My husband is convinced that all cats are stupid. So, even though I strongly disagree with him, it made me laugh when you said you call her stupid alot!

  2. She's either very stupid or a secret genius but she hides it very well. In the picture above, that's her 'what the heck was THAT' look. But she loves to play with Trinity. Well she loves to be chased by her,lol!

  3. She really is Stella's deppelganger. But skinny!

    1. She's gained some weight but is still 6 1/2 lbs. She exercises by getting chased by Trinity ;)