Thursday, November 10, 2011

Summer Activities

Now that the summer has passed and fall is here in New England. I want to share some things that Trinity, Zach & I have done during the hot summer months.

In May we went to our Niece/Goddaughter's birthday party in western Mass. She turned the big 3! Isn't she cute? Apparently I never got a good picture of Trinity.

In June she got spayed. This was her still waking up from being under anesthesia.

 July started our swimming lessons for Trinity. Zach's parents put in an in ground pool to much of all of our delight.  Trinity had to be carried in by her Uncle Matt. She did get the hang of swimming and learned where the exit was very fast!
After she got out of the pool, she was very wet and shook off vigorously. My niece & nephew call her 'porcupine dog'!

In May we started puppy kindergarten at Master Peace. She graduated in July.

In August we went to the beach with her cousin & Auntie Lisa. I searched for awhile for a beach to take the pup to. Unfortunately all of the beaches on the RI coast all prohibit dogs. But I did find one beach in Plymouth, MA that lets dogs on the beach. It was also much cheaper for parking & a lot less crowded than in RI. Trinity really enjoyed herself on the beach. It was also my nephew's first time at a real beach! Next year Trin & I will bring my niece!

We went on many walks in the woods this summer. Zach had a vacation and we all went for a nice long HOT walk in the woods!

She also has had MANY play dates with her Aunt Lady, cousin Calypso , and her late cousin Jewles.

Trinity & Lady after a long play session
Calypso came over our house one night
Trinity & Jewles drying off after a dip in the lake
As you can see, we have been bringing Trinity everywhere and anywhere we can. We want her to be comfortable around many situations. She still has some progress to make, but in the 8 months we have had her she has progressed so much. We look forward to bringing Trinity on some fun trips this summer.

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