Friday, March 23, 2012

Dogs vs. Cats: The Utlimate Show Down

A patient of mine asked me the other day, who do I like better dogs or cats?? Humm....That's a good one! I have never really thought about it.

I had both a dog and a cat growing up. My cat was afraid of me because my sister and I used to play very ruff with him (Sorry Junior). Until we were older, he never came around us that often. My dad got our dog when I was 10. I played with her in the back yard and I was the one who taught her how to loose leash walk. It's amazing that I did with no training at all. I didn't know what it was all I knew was that I just didn't want her to knock me down.
A show down indeed.

So here I will break it down....

With dogs I can bring them anywhere they are allowed. With a lot of training ANY dog can become CGC certified, a therapy dog or even a service dog. I can bring them to the park, on vacation, swimming, to friends & families homes, or just plain go for a walk. I enjoy that they bond with you so well and read your emotions like no other animal can. NOVA did a wonderful documentary entitled 'Dogs Decoded' where they showed that dogs are the most connected to us. You can watch it on Netflix. They always want to please there owners and will lift your spirit if you need someone to listen to. They are always sad when you leave but happy when whey you return. You can even use them as an excuse to exercise.

Trinity went with us to her Uncle & Auntie's wedding rehearsal

Now onto cats. Independent! That's a cat. They pretty much take care of themselves and you only have to do a few things with them. You don't have to be home at a certain time to let them do there 'business'. You can leave them home all day and they will be ok, especially if you have multiple cats.
But in my experience cats still need your affection. Before we adopted Trinity, Cookie Dough used to follow me everywhere around the house. Both my cats like to cuddle on our laps. And the definatly miss you when your gone for long periods of time. When Zach and I went on our two week honeymoon Cookie Dough was starving for attention. She peed on the table and she knocked over things in the house. Zach's brother had to come over everyday to play with Star & Cookie Dough. (He's such a good cat sitter)
"Please don't take pictures of us. It insults our intelligence!"
 So my answer is...Well I really don't know. Although a lot of this blog is based around Trinity. (I do much more with her) I love all my animals the same!
"Oh fine! I'll just take a nap right in this spot!"

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  1. I knew the instant I saw this title I'd love this post! As I type, Freddie is curled up in my lap, and Zoe is at my feet. Stella is on the floor a few feet away (which is pretty great for her!). People always ask me whether I like dogs or cats more. I always respond that I love dogs and cats equally, but in different ways. I agree with you that it's great to be able to take your dog most places, and that dogs can read your emotions like no other animal. (And I love that documentary!). But, like you said, cats also need affection! They're graceful (well, usually) and independent. I love them for that too.