Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our Game Room

As a wedding gift from Zach's friend and best man, Brian, we got a arcade game.

Zach and our nephew enjoy playing it downstairs in our finished basement. Of course this meant that because people love to play arcade games (well, the people we hang out with), we must get another one. So Zach and Brian drove an hour and a half into the great state of Massachusetts (lol) to get this game, while I waited, watched T.V, ate Chinese food and drank some sangria, with Trinity, Brian's girlfriend (my friend as well) and Trinity's best friend Pancake. (Don't worry the pup's didn't have any sangria.) So, they came back with this new, awesome, SNES, super system!

It's pretty awesome if you ask me and I'm not big into video games. Except super Mario world & Donkey Kong. 

They do look pretty sweet in our basement!


  1. Every game room should have atleast 3 arcade games :)

  2. My boyfriend would be SO jealous! I'm sure I would have fun with a game room, too.

    1. I'm very nice to let him have it, lol. But its great for entertaining!

  3. I'm coming over RIGHT NOW to play arcade games and pool in your basement. I'll be the creepy stranger knocking on your door.

  4. Haha. We love playing games! I love the pool table it's really sweet!