Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Trip to the Vet= More Antibiotics

Trinity had a Doctors appointment this week. I was very excited to get her another rabies vaccine, she lost her 2011 tag at my in-laws back in December. I was also ready to get it over with because Trinity hates shots & the people who give them to her.

"I'm not so brave sometimes. But don't tell the squirrels that!"
 She had some blood drawn to check for heart worms, lyme disease & anaplasma. She did not like that they held her paw & she said "That really really hurt!" because she backed up while they were taking the blood. Then she wouldn't go near the vet tech later on. She then was climbing on me while I was sitting on the chair.
"Next time I'm gonna bring my Auntie Lady. She'll scare them away for me!"
Then the Vet came in. He admired her "Beautiful blue tinged eyes." that apparently are "Very unique." (I hadn't even noticed that). He said she's at a perfect weight (55lbs) and won't grow much anymore so we should take her off of puppy food. He also likes her back legs and said that they are 'nice and strong'.
"I'm such a big girl!"
Well, here's the bad news. While she is negative for heart worms (yay!) she is possibly, positive for Lyme disease & anaplasma. I knew those ticks were bad, but I never thought she would get this! But the good news is that, it is curable. So, now she is on antibiotics for a month to treat these diseases. In her short life she's been on 3 courses of antibiotics. But I'm glad that she had the test and will be treated so she can heal fast!
"That still wont stop me from driving to the woods."

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  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that Trinity tested positive for those things... but I'm glad that they are treatable!! Young Zoe has also been on many a round of're not alone on that one! :) Keep us posted, and I'll be thinking about you guys! <3

    1. Thanks! She's just happy that she gets wet food now. :)