Monday, April 23, 2012

Adventures At The Boston Comic Con.

This weekend Zach and I went to Boston with his sister, her husband, my brother and our niece and nephew for the Comic Con. Now, I don't read comics but I thought it would be a nice way to spend time with the family and maybe pick up some Doctor Who stuff.

We went on the Commuter Rail. It took an hour to get there which isn't so bad and they had free wifi, which I was super excited for!

Zach & Matt.
Captin America!
We were going backwards!

The kids dressed up like super hero's.

Little Miss. Spider Girl!

I didn't take many pictures from inside because, well, it looked like this...

The kids also picked out some super hero glasses and Emily helped them with their choices.


We hung out outside the convention for a while cause of the super packed room.

I didn't buy much there but I did pick up this awesome piece of work.

The artist is Ben Templesmith, he drew this for the front cover of a Doctor Who comic. I'm really excited to frame it and put it on my wall.

He even signed it to me!

But like a dummy, I forgot his name, so I could credit him for his incredible talent. But my lovely sis-in-law saved my butt and knew who he was. Feeew.. that was close.

This weekend was another first for us. It was Trinity's first night way from us, ever! She slept at Zach's parent's house and had a play date with the other pups there.

"I missed you!'
Even though it was crowded we had fun together as a family. My niece received tons of compliments on her dress, even one from Batman! Then she asked me, "Is him really Batman?" I told her, no (I know a real let down for a 3 year old) because the real one lives in Gotham City and he needs to stay there to fight crime for everyone. She was satisfied with my answer.

Emily also has her own blog called,  The Absentee Blogger, which is dedicated to her writing work. She will also blogged about our adventure. So, if you want to see more pictures of our trip or if you like young adult fiction stop on by her blog!


  1. I approve this post. ;)
    PS - his name is Ben Templesmith.

  2. That is a cool Dr. Who cover. Also, I fully approve of that Spider Girl dress. Was it homemade?

    1. No, she bought it. She got complimented in the bathroom by someone. I kept having to tell her to say, 'thank you'. She's one modest kid (not!). Lol!

  3. Did Trinity have fun on her play date? I ADORE the Spider Girl dress!

  4. Hi, you left such a lovely comment on our blog [Tales from The Welsh Side] today I had to stop by and visit! Loved reading about your adventures at the Comic Con (and btw we're not envious at all ... O.O!!) Stunning bit of artwork you picked up, too. Pleased to follow back as you definitely sound like our kind of people. Trinity looks like a sweetie, too.

    Also well done on passing The Batman Inquisition -- it's takes a special kind of super power to outsmart an inquisitive 3 year old. :)