Thursday, April 5, 2012

Look Ma! No Leash!

Trinity and I went walking in the woods as we always do. But this time she upgraded to off leash! At first I wasn't sure if I was going to attempt this but I did it as a split second decision. I got out her leash with the rope attached to it and as we walked down to the woods I unclipped it from her harness. I was nervous after doing it but I called her a few times and she came running towards me.
 As you know I am very, very nervous about bringing her off leash in the woods. I'm always thinking the worst. Like, what if she goes off the trail? What if she doesn't come back to me and gets lost in the woods? Or, what if she runs into the road when we get close to the car? But I did it anyway. I figure if I continue to do this I will be less and less nervous about the whole thing. It's funny cause it  turns out she already knows that if she can't see me on the path she needs to wait. She kept moving forward then looking back at me the whole time. Of course I needed to capture this wonderful moment on camera (sorry for the crappy Iphone pictures).

As we neared the end of our walk I called her back to me and put her leash back on. Hopefully she will progress with this and she can be off leash (when we are able to) on all the walks.


  1. Our Hades is SO much more obedient off leash but my fear is always someone seeing us and raising a concern-- I don't want to break the law! Haha. Trinity looks very pleased to be roaming off leash. It's so fun to let them roam when they do well off leash

    1. She was happy. I can see what you mean by that. Mass has a leash law but the place I take her to is ok with them being off leash but under voice control at all times. We're still working on that.