Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Cat's Went To The Docotor's

I'm sorry for the lack of blog posts lately. It's not that I've been busy doing a ton of stuff, except for working I've just been reading all of your lovely posts. So when it comes time to write one of mine, it's to late and I'm tired.

Now that I explained that, I must tell everyone of the kitties' doctor appointment last week. We went in for a check up and some shots. I brought them both together in the same carrier. They were so cute. Cookie Dough kept meowing and Star was trying to escape by pressing her head against the door.

"I don't like being in here."
They were both very good for the doctor. My kitty vet is by far the best vet I have ever had. All of the vets in the office are great, but I give this one 5 gold stars with 2 thumbs up! She was talking to them both, petting them, allowing them to sniff her equipment and apologized for when she intruded on there territory ie: gave shots or checked their temperatures. P;us, she kept calling me 'Mom', which I loved. We had a very bad experience with bringing the cats to the vet 1 1/2 years ago, for Star's surgery, that it's wonderful to have a loving vet.

"The last time we went to the vet we came out all drugged up!"
She checked Cookie Dough first while Star sat on my lap. We have seen her vomit undigested foods and that concerned us but she just wants us to watch her to see if it continues, luckily it has only happened once more. The only thing is that need to watch that her weight doesn't go up. She's 8lbs and has gained 2 since her spay.

"Are you calling me fat?"
Unfortunately, Star has a heart mummer. I knew about this since they were monitoring her for it during her dental surgery. She checked her and it is only at a level 1 on a scale ranging from 1-6. So when we go back in 3 weeks she will be checked again by Dr. Natalie to see if it is just from being nervous or she has it all the time. She was very upset when getting the shots that she was burring her head in the tech's arm. But no behavior problems at all. At the other vets, she was clawing their shirts and trying to escape.

"I'm a good girl when you treat me right!"

The next time we go back they will get their second round of distemperment since I was a bad mommy and forgot to bring them in last year for it and the year before, that the sucky vet (as I refer to them as) never gave it to them. The doctor told me it wasn't necessary because they live indoors but encouraged, especially since I would like to foster cats. It's something that's been on my mind that I would like to eventually do, hopefully soon. I just have to work on Zach approving it.

"Wait, you mean more cats for me to play with?"

Lastly, I asked her about possibly having heart disease in their family. Unfortunately, my oldest nephew and my sister-in-law's cat Smeagol passed away last Tuesday from a heart issue. He was doing an agility exercise and he seemed to have injured his paw, but it wasn't an injured paw he had many blood clots in his leg. Dr. Natalie explained to me that the clots affected his heart very badly. I was not sure if it was hereditary or not since all the cats were in a family outside and were all 'mixing and matching' with each other (you get it). She stated that there is a blood test to check if the cat has a strand of the disease, but she has only seen this in male cats mostly under the age of 5. So as of now I'm not worried for the girls, but Star will be monitored for any further signs or symptoms of heart issues.

Sun bathing before Trinity came and spoiled all the day time fun.

So now, I'm happy to say that the girls are happy and mostly healthy. But we are going to miss Smeagol very much and the only good thing to come of this is, when they are ready, is that another rescued kitty will find a loving home.

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