Thursday, May 24, 2012

We Went To The Vet Again: An Update

A few weeks ago I posted that the cats went to the doctors. Yesterday they went back for a check up and for a distemper booster. They did great, as usual. They climbed all over each other while in the carrier. But once they got out they were good. One stayed on the exam table while the other stayed in the carrier.

The vet checked Star first for her heart murmur. To my surprise it was gone! YAY! She said it is probably stress related and that every check up we should be sure to listen for it. She also has lost some weight about 5oz in 3 weeks. The Doctor's not to worried about it but she wants me to weigh her every week to get a baseline and if there are any changes to call her about it.

"I'm so happy to be here...not!"

Waiting for the Doctor.

"What are you doing?"
"Can we come out now?"

"This is not comfy."

Sitting an sulking.

"Where is that Doctor already!"

But my trouble child seems to be Miss. Cookie Dough who has been vomiting digested foods more than usual lately. Unfortunately for us their is a whole list of things that could be causing her to do that, so Dr. Natalie wants to put her on a 'sensitive stomach' diet to see if that will help. The Meow Mix they have been getting is, according to the Doc, like 'pizza and burgers to us'. Which is not good. So, we came home with special vet formula wet food. Now I need to go to the pet store to buy her food because I gave her the new food last night and she's not to impressed with it. My girls are such picky eaters. It took us forever to find the kind of wet food Star likes and now I have to worry about one eating the others food. But for the visit Cookie Dough was hamming it up because she thinks she's super cute. Well I guess she is!
"This is how I lay down now."


  1. Their expressions are great!
    Poor Cookie Dough, it's so tough when they have food issues. Our weird cats haven't liked any of the wet food we've tried, so they're all on the same dry food. Everyone was throwing up both kinds of prescription food that we tried for Serena's kidney issues. We found a limited ingredient dry food that seems to be pretty good for everyone so far.

    1. It's funny to see that our pets are kind of like us in the way that not everyone likes to eat the same thing. But my trouble is that Cookie Dough likes to eat Star's food. So they must be separated during meals.