Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Think I See A Pattern...

I have a confession... I love black & white and Tri-colored animals. I have written before what my qualifications were when I was looking for a puppy and how she had to be black. But I have realized what I really love is the contrast of colors in the animal. Here are a few animals I have not mentioned or have briefly mentioned before on the blog that have captured my heart.

These two are the very first animals I had.
The cat was Charles Black and White George Gregory, Jr aka Junior and yes that was his full name.  He was my step-mom's cat who was a year older than me and passed away at 14yrs old.
The dog was Akira and the very first dog I ever loved. She was a Black Lab/Keshound mix and was a very hyperactive dog.

This was Misty and my big momma kitty. She was one of the outside cats that came around Zach's parents house a few years ago. She was the most loveable outside cat I ever meet.

Here are a few of the kittens that I loved.

Rufus, she is a girl.

Beautiful Annabell.

Lazy Dusty.
I always joke that I will most likely have black & white or Tri-colored animals in my life. Every time I see a cat or dog I like on, it usually has contrasting colors in its coat. But who knows maybe my next pet's color will be completely different and surprise everyone, even me.

What about you? Do you have a pattern when it comes to what you like in a pet? Or do you like to spice it up and have something completely different?


  1. I wanted a black dog because I'd heard that they're passed up a lot in shelters. So we got Badger. Then I wanted a 2nd dog that looked like Badger. We saw Mushroom and thought "eh, close enough".

    1. Yes they are, apparently it's called 'Black Dog Syndrome' down south. It's funny cause for my wants for a dog was black.
      I laughed really hard at this about Mushroom, people thought I was crazy at work.

  2. I LOVE when a dog has a two-toned face like my Hades especially if it's a mask or half and half or a cute patch or something.

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by Take Paws! As you know, we have one pup with contrasting colors and one who's monochromatic. One we chose and the other showed up on our doorstep after being abandoned. Their colors never really mattered much to me - I'm a sucker for the eyes. Both my boys have gorgeous brown eyes.