Thursday, June 28, 2012

Trinity's Training: Week Three

Last week was our third training class. Here is what we learned.

A kickback stand

This is where you have your dog sit at heel position, then they stand up. Trinity already knows how to do this. So we just practiced.

Stand & stay

You have your dog do a kickback stand, then they stay standing, you take three steps in front of them and then pivot looking at them. I already taught this to Trinity. And again we practiced it. She did very well and the teacher even said that she did a good job.


This is where your dog sits at heel position then lies down on their left side. Trinity did not want to do this. Our instructor even had a hard time trying to get her to do it. So we've been practicing this at home, it took a few tries but she got. So now I have to see if she will be able to do it in class.


Trinity is still having trouble heeling while in class. Her brain gets fried by the end of the hour session and then doesn't want to listen to me at all She was too busy trying to get the other dogs, who were waiting for their class, to talk to her. We've been practicing this outside with distractions at home. Our instructor says that she still needs to be lured because she still new at it this.

We have been doing a lot of things in the three weeks we've had our class. All we have to do is practice, practice, practice.


  1. hi Trinity,
    nice to meet ya... just dropping by from the blog they say practice makes every puppy remember, repetition is never boring especially when treats are present...
    x0x0x Vanilla Bean the ShihPoo