Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Weekend With Two Dogs

We had the honor of watching our friends dog, Pancake, while they went on vacation. When we told this to Trinity, she was very excited. She loves to play with Pancake and tries her hardest to play with him all day long. He doesn't seem to mind it to much. But I'm sure he's happy to be back home where he isn't forced into playtime, all the time. Here is a recap of our exciting weekend.

 He followed me around in the morning.

They lounged around the house while we were at work.

 But got mad at me for taking so many pictures when I got home.
We rolled around in the grass.
 Then got upset with mommy for not allowing her to go downstairs.
 And ate dinner on the deck.

They played all day with each other.

After having a fun filled day they lounged around the house, again.

  He's not one for playing all day long which makes him such a good companion for her.
 But then it was time for Pancake to go home and we were left with only one dog.

"Which means more hugging & petting for me!"


  1. he looks so tired in the first picture haha

    1. He was waiting at the door when i left for work. He left before i could take a better pic. But he sure was tired after playing with Trin! hehe

  2. PANCAKE! Ha, what a cute name. They look like awesome buddies. Trinity is saying, "Mama, see how good i play??? Get me a brother or sister now!"

    1. HAHA. I'm sure that's exactly what she's thinking. I think I need to fence in the backyard before that can happen. I think I wanna foster first, but still need to fence in the backyard, crap Trinity wants me to get my butt moving on this.

  3. Pancake looks like a great little brother, even if only for the weekend! Glad they get along so well.

    1. It's funny cause he's a few years older than her. I think hes her boyfriend, she kept showing off for him. Plus, she's the only big dog he likes, there so in love, lol!