Monday, October 15, 2012

The 'Doggy Capturer'

This week I took my niece out for a little girls day. We were driving in the car when we saw a white heating companies van. She thought this was the animal control van and exclaimed, "Oh no. It's the doggy capturer!" I, being the crazy dog aunt I am, asked her what a 'doggy capturer' is. She told me it was a 'guy who go's around stealing dog's'. I decided to take the time to explain to her what the animal control officer actually does, in descriptions a four year old can understand. I said, "He's a person who works for the town picking up dogs and cats that have been lost or no one wanted anymore. Then he brings them to the shelter to be found by thier mom's and dad's or to be adopted into new homes" I have told her about how we should always get our new pets from the animal shelter or rescue group (she calls it the 'rescue shelter') but she didn't seem to understand what it meant by no one wanting an animal anymore. I then told her about how Kylie was found on the side of the road and that someone didn't want her anymore. She said, "No one wanted her anymore? Why would someone not want Kylie anymore?" I decided not to say how crule people can be and that sometimes people do not want to make a lifetime commitment to an animal so it's eisier to drop them off to fend for themselves. I just told her that we need to make sure we love our animals and never give up on them. 
Why would anyone not want this love bug?
It's never to early to educate children on the good and the bad side of animal ownership. I also don't understand why someone would drop off thier dog on the side of the road. All I know is that she's in our family and we will never give up on her. We promise!


  1. That is soooo cute! And, so true. When Ma wanted to get another Airedale, she first looked high and low for a rescue to get a doggie from, but there were none available in the area, and the rescues won't let their dogs be adopted out of the area (which I understand), so Ma had to get ME, a pup. One should always, in my opinion, try rescues (if your heart is set on a particular breed), or shelters first.
    Otherwise, you'll be stuck with a DIVA like ME!! BOL



  2. That's a great lesson you taught her in a way she can understand for now. I love that cuddly picture. So sweet!