Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We Had a Hurricane Come Through

We had a bit of a storm come through our little town in Mass. Well it really wasn't a little storm more like a full scale Category 1 hurricane. Last August we had Irene come through, like the rest of New England, we were out of electricity for four days. We had no water stored up and a ton of food in our fridge. I took showers at my sisters place and we cooked on the grill the whole time. I even resorted to going on our bridge and getting water out of the stream to flush the toilet.

This year I took no chances. I cleaned and filled jugs with good clean water thinking it was going to be like last year, I would procrastinate and we would be left with no water and dishes still in the sink.

Well I prepared a day ahead of time.

Yup lots and lots of water!

Being prepared means eating up all the ice cream in the freezer to make milk shakes!

The storm came through yesterday. We recieved a ton of rain and wind. I didn't go to work but Zach did and ended up coming home early because of loss of power at about noon.

The dogs on patrol.

Our lights flickered on and off through the whole storm but never actually lost electricity for any period of time. We are some of the lucky ones and know that their are still many thousands of people without power. We hope they get it back soon so we all can get back to our regularly scheduled lives.

She went outside for two minuets and was drenched.

 But I had ordered some things off of Amazon like this sweatshirt for Kylie. I thought it was funny that their was a hurricane outside but we were still getting things in the mail. Only in America. Right?

"Aren't I cute??"
"I do not like this hurricane stuff!"


  1. Oh my gosh, how cute is Kylie in that little sweatshirt?! It's always good to be prepared, I can't imagine going through that!

  2. What a cute little sweater! I am glad you guys escaped the storm unscathed! So scary!

  3. Glad you guys are okay! We were lucky and also did not lose power.