Sunday, October 7, 2012

Why Do All The Sick Animals Come To Our House?

 It's been over a two months since we adopted Kylie from P.S I Love You and we have had some health issues with her. The day after we adopted her she started coughing in the middle of the night. She was hacking so much that I panicked and called Zach's brother and dad to go to our house and check on her while I was at work. I was so afraid that she was going to choke to death. She was still coughing so we went to the vet that night for a check up.

The vet wasn't sure what it was and explained to us about her possibly having kennel cough. She sent us home with antibiotics and an order for plenty of TLC. The cough was improving for a week but the next Friday night she was coughing non stop for 15 minuets at a time. So, the next day we brought her back to the vet. The doctor discussed with us the possibility of having lung worm or breathing issues. She told us we could possibly have to do a chest x-ray and a trans-treachial wash of her throat to determine what she had. But we could not do an x-ray that day because she was so nervous that she would have to be restrained down to get it or be sedated which you can't do until shes off antibiotics for 5 days. So we went home with an increase in her antibiotic and a cough suppressant. The cough medicine worked really well. She became more active, she was starting wrestling matches with Trinity and could do it for 10 minuets with out going into a coughing fit. So, we decided not to do the treacheal wash and held off on the X-ray for a few weeks.

She didn't need the cough medicine for a few weeks but last week her coughing became worse and she had one a day. I made an appointment for her on Saturday for a chest X-ray. We saw several things on it. One being a pellet in her muscle on her left side. Where she was dumped in Arkansas people frequently shot dogs for sport. I had hoped she hadn't been there to long to get shot but apparently she had been. It's not hurting her so were going to monitor it for now. It also showed a lot of busy activity in her lung fields. Shes not sure if it is 1) chronic bronchitis 2) athsma or 3) lung worm. We sent the X-ray out to the radiologist for a through examination and see what they suggest we do. But for now we are keeping up with the cough suppressant and monitoring her breathing. I just want her to get better and know what's going on in her little body.

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  1. Poor little Kylie! Hope it's nothing serious and she feels better soon.

  2. Oh Noes! I hope it turns out to be nothin' serious! I'll be keepin' my paws crossed that you feels better, and that the vettie figures out what is causin' that evil cough!
    Sendin' AireZens your way.....



  3. Poor thing! When we adopted Hades he had kennel cough that persisted for like ever and ever it seemed but we were lucky and it never progressed beyond that so antibiotics were the only thing ever prescribed.
    Keep us posted on Kylie's status, poor little tiny thing :( I bet it is so sad when she coughs. It's always hard when our babies are hurting!