Monday, October 29, 2012

Winning Stuff is Awesome

Last week Badger and Mushroom from Life in 2-Player Mode were having a contest. The prize was for any item off of doggyloot. We won the contest, which is really exciting for me considering I never win anything (well that's a lie. I did win a Christmas cookie jar when I was 10). We decided on the tire balls that light up. Trinity just loves these balls! She chases them all around the house. Zach even named them 'light bally', now whenever he says its name she runs to go get it. She's to smart for her own good sometimes. (I'm really not joking she knows that, I'll take a video of it to prove she knows this.) Here's a nice picture of her with it in her mouth. It's kind of dark but you can still see the light in the ball and Miss. Trinity's expression.

Kylie has no interest in it. She prefers toys and the occasional bone. She also can't get her little mouth around it, poor girl.

Thanks again Badger, Mushroom and Rebelwerwolf for our gift!


  1. WOW!! Congrats!! Oh, pressies are the bestest!! I've never had a ball that lights up, that sounds cool. Gotta get Ma right on that, sound like lots of funs to me!


  2. Aww poor Kylie that it's just not the right size but nice to see Trinity taking advantage of the winnings! Winning anything is exciting!

  3. Glad Trinity is having fun! It's cool that she can learn the names of her toys. We're considering training Badger to do that.