Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Has It Been This Long Already??

Today we celebrate Trinity being apart of our family for two years! Words can't explain how much we love her but I can explain how much progress she has had so far.

At 10 weeks old she came to us knowing only one command, sit. Now she has many skills including sit, down, come, stay, wait (yes there is a difference), heel, touch, beg, put em up, dance, high five, double high five, hug, shake, head down, leave it, take it, set up in heel position, spin, turn, go threw my legs, walk in between my legs, back up (sort of its still a work in progress), each of her toys by name, mine, Zach, Kylie & Cookie Doughs names. Many more we are working on. But lastly and the hardest skill walk on a loose leash without a harness while on a walk!!! We have been working on this since she first came to us but in two years she hadn't mastered the 'loose leash' part of the exercise (yes I know that's the whole exercise but you get the idea). She doesn't take treats when on a walk and tends to try and guess how long the leash is and will take advantage of the 6 foot one if she knows its that long. Being that she did this I bought a 2 foot leash so she knew that's how far she could go no more, no less. This and two years of walking on a leash seems to have helped her realize that she needs to stay by my side at all times. But we're not throwing out our sense-ible harness anytime soon because in new or exciting areas she still needs its help.

I'm so excited that we have started a 'Couch 2 5k'. But unfortunately for me my running partner seems to have a case of the winter blues because 3/4 of the way threw she stopped dead and wanted to go home. But we are training slowly so I'm hoping that we both can get our butts into shape for this summer.

I'm so proud of my little girls accomplishments in these two years even if they are only little. So happy adopt-a-versary to the girl who's changed our lives!