Sunday, July 22, 2012

Trinity's Swimming Style

Due to popular demand here is a video of Trinity swimming.
We hope you enjoy your weekend swimming just like Trinity did!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Trinity's Training Lesson: Week Five

This week we learned some new things we had not worked on before. Which made me excited, but not Trinity. I get excited and she gets confused because she doesn't know what I'm asking her to do. But she ends up learning what I want from her pretty quickly.

Standing in one spot while turning the back two legs ( I don't know what this is called)

Our instructor gave us a plastic plate to work with and the dog is supposed to put the front two legs on it. She got this pretty well but kept thinking it was a frisbee she needed to pick up. So she kept digging and bitting at it. She broke two of the plates, but our instructor wasn't upset by it, thank god. The goal of this exercise is to have her front paws staying in one position while the back two move. Easier said than done. She was able to stand o it and moved her back legs a few times in the 10 minuets we worked on it. So i think we have some more practice to do on this.

Backing up into heel position

It's like backing up into a parking spot, but with the dog. Its pretty self explanatory, you get your dog to back up next to you into the heel position, then they sit down. She was doing ok with this. Our instructor didn't care at this point if she sat at the end of it, as long as she backed up. It will take awhile for me to figure out how to get her to do it perfectly. But, she has known how to sit on my left side for a year now, so hopefully backing up there won't be to much of an issue.

The long jump

This is where the dog sits on one side of the jump, you go to the other end and call the dog over to you. Well, let me tell you that we tried agility two times. Both times Trinity was more interested in playing with the other dogs than actually doing the obstacles. Plus, she was scared of everything except the jumps, a-frame, ladder, and the weave poles. To top it all off she would run away from me after finishing the obstacle. But this was last year so I wasn't sure how she would do at the jump in obedience. Well, she did excellent! She stayed on the other side, looked at me while coming over, jumped over it, and came right to me for her reward. I was very happy for her!

Next week is our last class in this section. I think that our instructor will have us repeat it before going on. But that's fine and we can work on our skills further.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Trinity Get's a New Collar

I decided last month to buy a new summer collar for Trinity. I already bought a collar & leash from Sirius Republic for Christmas, but I decided she needed another one to add to the collection. I looked on the Sirius website again and again for a cute new collar that reflects her personality. I looked and looked but ultimately decided that, although they have great ethics involving rescue, their prices are getting just to expensive. Don't get me wrong, they make beautiful collars, but I also wanted to try something new. A Heartbeat at my Feet wrote a post about another made-in-the-U.S collar company called, Collar Mania. So I decided to give them a try. I looked at their website and man, do they have so many choices! I saw a really cool Tardis one but the collar could only be in a 2" and I thought that would be to large for Miss. Trinity. So, again, I looked and looked, and looked one more time before finally decided to go with a beautiful multicolored star collar. Collar Mania also has a feature to add a satin lining, for FREE!!! Being someone who loves free s*%# I opted for the fuchsia color. I also decided on a 1 1/2" martingale (her Sirius collar is a 1"). Boy did I pick right. It is gorgeous, the hardware is durable and they have a small D ring on the side for tags (so no more getting her leash stuck on the rubit!). They delivered my collar in the time they said they would. I was very happy when it arrived, as was Trinity!

This dog loves the back of the couch. She's still not allowed on it but, were working on that.

So by my estimation The Spoiled One gets a new collar approximately every 3 months. But, I love this collar. I even bought it on sale twice. I picked the pattern from the sale section and then received a 20% moving sale discount. Score! Thanks to Collar Mania for feeding into my collar addiction!

*Trinity's Love was in no way paid to do this product review. We are not affiliated with Collar Mania in any way (except as buyers). We just love to shop and blog ;)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Another Award? I Don't Know if We Deserve it!

The Sunshine Award

This award goes to a blog that, “positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere." We received this award from Gronk and Izzy from The Adventures of Gronk and Izzy, a blog about two rescue kitty's who, use the toilet and do tricks. They are awesome and their parents are pretty patient to train cats.

Here are the questions we hand to answer.

Favorite number: 17 my birthdate

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: mountain dew, it's filled with sugar & caffein so I don't drink it alot

Facebook or Twitter: instagram! twitter sucks! (sorry everyone who likes it) and I like pictures better than status updates.

Our passion: Dog training; My passion- dance!

Favorite pattern: I dont know. I'm not an artist at all.

Favorite flower: Lillie's! They were in my flower bouquet for our wedding

Favorite day of the week: Friday! It's either my last day of the work week or first day. So either way I'm happy.

Finally we need to award this award to 10 blogs (I did 6) who are awesome. (In no particular order)

1) Tales from the Welsh Side
     1 dog 2 humans living in England. They like Doctor Who, what else is more inspiring than that?

2)  2 Punk Dogs
     They inspire me to...adopt more cats!

3)  Life in 2-Player Mode
     They love video games and dogs. That's pretty inspiring to me.

4)  A Year of Cocktails
     She inspires me to, drink more.

5) The Absentee Blogger
    She inspires me to read. She's got a great read going on right now on the blog. Check it out!

6)  Two Kitties One Pittie
     They inspire me to walk in a dog walking group. Which has yet to be done. 

Thanks again to Gronk & Izzy. We hope to inspire more people to love their pets as much as we do!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day

Trinity swam while celebrating our countries independence. We love this day. Now we need to watch The Patriot!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Something is in the Water

If their is something in the water, Trinity will get it.

"Oh look! It's a thingamagiga."

"I will get it out for you."

"All done. Oh, wait, what was that?"

I like to think she thinks like Ariel would. I hope you swam just as much as Trinity did this weekend!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Trinity's Training: Week Four

What we learned this week.

A sit from a down

This involves getting your dog in a down position on their haunches then have them sit. We have done these before, so we pretty much just reviewed it.

Right turns

While heeling you make several turns some right and some left. We focused on right turns this week. They are easier for the dog because they have to go faster than you, which dogs like. We all lined up and made several right turns In a row Trinity did very well with this, she was more interested in the chicken than the other dogs around her.

Figure eights

In the ring you have two people standing facing each other and you have your dog heel around them. I get very confused with these and trinity has no idea what I'm doing. I have to practice these without her to get my footing right.

Right pivot turn

It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like. You and your dog pivot to the right while standing exactly in the same spot.

Trinity did really well this week. Even our instructor complimented her. I don't know if it was the extra walks or the chicken. My money is on the chicken. :)