Monday, November 7, 2011

The Truth About Trinity: The Adoption Process

Adopting a dog was one of the most wonderful and satisfying experiences I have ever done. I love the fact that I did not 'buy' a dog. I felt like I made a difference because Trinity was not 'breed' by someone. I feel that adoption is the best way to get a dog. Saving the life of a dog is wonderful. Although I'm not against responsible breeders, however you can get a pedigree dog via adoption.

Well, like I previously stated, I found "My best friend for life" just searching around on Pet Finder. I e-mailed the rescue group asking if they still had the 'German Wired Haired Pointer' puppies available. I waited that whole day for a response and the next day I finally got one. They still had all of the puppies available so I said I wanted the 'tri-colored' one. I filled out my application and then received an e-mail from the person who runs the rescue group saying that she would be in contact with me the next day.

This was wonderful news! I was ready to go and meet 'my puppy' and see how cute she was in person. Seeing as how they were 'located' in southern Connecticut an hour and a half away from me, I was ready to go the next weekend to see her.

I received a call two days later. I spoke with the woman from rescue group I had e-mailed. She told me the name of her rescue group was called P.S I Love You and they were located in Arkansas. Arkansas? I was confused. I thought they were located in CT and they were called 'Serenity in the Sun'. She explained to me that they transport there puppies to New England to provide for more adoptions to be made. She said that they transport many dogs to New England and the transport company they use has been doing it for many years. I told her I would have to think about it and talk to Zach about what we would do. On that same day I talked with the 'foster mom' of Trinity's. She told me that she's a big girl and was 8 weeks old. I then asked a bunch of questions about the puppy to see if she was the dog for me.

When I got home from work I talked with Zach about how we would get her. I was very worried about getting a puppy from another state half way across the country. I was also concerned about paying for a puppy and never getting it. There are always horror stories about that. I did research about the rescue group and I talked with some people who got there dogs from P.S I Love You. They told me great things about the group and Alpha Dog Transport. So Zach and I took a leap of faith and said YES to getting 'my puppy'.

Then a week and a half later I got my very first puppy of my own!

Blog post's to come: Trinity's first family & The day we got her from the transport!

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