Monday, December 31, 2012

What We Got For Christmas: Leash Silhouettes

Since adopting Trinity we have bought many things for her from custom collars to many types of leashes. For the longest time we have been hanging her things in a bag on our coat hanger. This Christmas I decided that both dogs need their own leash holders for their many accessories. I was looking for something unique and custom fit for both dogs. Rama's mom from Raising Rama posted a picture of her custom made leash hangers from Artisan Metal Shop. All of a sudden I heard angels singing (well maybe not but you get the idea) and I said, 'That's just what I've been looking for!' I decided back in November that those were just the right gifts for the girls for Christmas.

Artisan Metal Shop has many custom made metal art work to choose from. Their dog silhouette options are numerous. Looking through them I noticed that. being my dog's are mixed breeds, the body frames were not exactly what we think their breeds are. It took me a while to figure out which breed best fits thier body frame. For Trinity I decided on the Pointer silhouette and for Kylie I went with the Manchester Terrier silhouette.

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They are very well made, not to heavy and easy to hang. Our house does not have very much room in the entry way so we hung them in the basement hallway. I definitely recommend them for any pet owner.


  1. These are SO cute! We recently had to invest in a leash hanger for all of Athena's things. It has 16 hooks and we have already run out of space...that tells you how much stuff this girl has!

    I love that yours are custom. They look great!

  2. Really cute! Our new house as a huge area in the back where there's a whole row of hangers like this (not adorable doggie custom) but we've been using that. I wanted a nice pittie hanger though!

  3. Those are great! One of my best friends has boxers and when she had gone shopping at Ikea one time she found leash hooks where they were actually dog butts and the hook part was their tails. She thought they were super cute so she got them and as the cashier was ringing them up the register screen described them as "Ass Hooks". She just told us that story a couple of days ago, so I thought I'd share it with you =) Happy New Year!

  4. LOVE THESE! They are adorable and what a great idea! We are always looking for ways to manage all the dog/cat stuff we have scattered around the apartment!

  5. They look great! Thanks for sharing the photos!