Monday, January 28, 2013

What We Have Been Up To Lately

It just occurred to me that I have been quiet on the blog recently. It's not on purpose, just life has been going by so quickly that I haven't had the time or energy to write. We have been doing mundane things like work (a heck of a lot of it), training and hanging out as a family. But the last two weeks have been busy and here's why.

Last Monday Zach noticed Trinity asking to go to the bathroom a lot, then urinating multiple times outside. Of course this is nothing new and I made a vet appointment for the next day. Sure enough she has yet another UTI. The Doctor examined her, he told us her vulva doesn't stick out like a normal female dogs does, hers goes inside towards her bladder. This makes contracting UTI's easy. The good news is that considering how much it goes back in, she keeps herself clean pretty well. The infections will continue, but having one every six months isn't that bad. She was on antibiotics for two weeks and its all cleared up now. Trinity never lost her spunk, or energy, and was still able to train with no issues. These will continue, I just hope that she doesn't have to be on antibiotics prophylacticly.

Then, last Thursday we noticed Star's right eye draining and had shut closed due to the drainage. I cleaned and flushed it with eye drops that day, but the drainage was still there so we brought her in for a visit. He tested her retina for scratches and, luckily, it was negative. We got antibiotic drops to give her three times a day for a week. They worked so well that her eye was cleared up after being on them for two days. But he still wanted to see her for a follow up. He was pleased to see the eye cleared and we went out of there with no further orders. We didn't find any scratches near the eye so we are not sure how it happened.

Then, last Wednesday day Miss. Kylie was lethargic and not moving like herself. No  running, jumping, or any butt wiggles when I came home and she was just acting pathetic. She also had some abdomen spasms and favoring her back when walking. I, of course, got really nervous so we brought her to the vet that night. She was so nervous in there and it recently occurred to me that she has never been to the vet (since being rescued) for anything but a sick check up. Not to mention that the last time she was there she was put under. The doctor checked her out and told us she just hurt her back. She was prescribed NSAID pain relievers and a muscle relaxer. She felt great the next afternoon and greeted me at the door with butt wiggles.We were supposed to keep her as calm as possible, but when Kylie feels good she wiggles all over the place.

 No needless to say, we had four unexpected vet appointments with in two weeks. I asked them if they give out discounts if you bring in more than three pets in one week and they were nice enough to discount Kylie's appointment. But now you know why I have been working so many hours. My pets seem to want to keep the veterinarian office in business and I don't care, as long as my kids are healthy!