Thursday, March 29, 2012

Star the Sort of Toothless Cat

I had the worst experience when I brought Star in for a procedure a few years ago. As I spoke before about how she was found under a T.V on the porch, the tiny little thing never seemed to gain any weight. But, we just thought she was a picky eater because she used to enjoy nacho cheese once in a while.

I had brought her to the vets for a check up. At only 5 lbs she was concerned about how small she was. Cats average weight should be between 6-8lbs. Upon her examination she found an infection in her mouth and she needed her to immediately go in for oral surgery to extract all but two teeth. But first they put her on antibiotics before the surgery. Giving them was a nightmare! She would squirm and try to get out of our arms the whole time.

Before we agreed to do the surgery, the vet told me she would be going home the same day. So, Zach worked from home that day to bring her in, while I went to work. They did some lab work and found her H&H was low, which meant she was anemic from not being able to eat properly. They called me at about 3 o'clock and told me that once she was awake she would be able to go home, but it wouldn't be until late at night. That was fine by me, I just wanted her home. I called back at 5 when she had just woken up. The vet tech said that they needed her to drink some water and hold down food before they could discharge her. So I waited another 2 hours, called back and they said she was eating and drinking fine but I needed to call back in another hour to see how she was. By this time I was getting worried. They closed at nine and I wanted her to come home. Another hour went by and I called again and here's the response I got from the vet tech.
"Well, she's really drowsy I don't think you should take her home."
"Why?" I asked, "Is she lethargic? Did she vomit?"
"Well, she's not eating or drinking."
"Wait, what? I was told she was eating and drinking."
"Well i don't know but I really think she shouldn't go home."
At this point I was pissed! You don't know how my cat is? Your supposed to be taking care of my living, breathing animal and you don't know how she is?!? So my response was, "If she stays there, will anyone be with her."
"No." she said.
"WHAT!!! I want to talk to the doctor right now!" So I spoke to the doctor and told her I wanted to take her home and the doctor agreed to it.
We picked her up and she was drowsy but she was picking up her head, meowing and moving around in the carrier. I don't know what they could have done for her that we couldn't at home. All they wanted was more of my money. I couldn't believe what these vet techs were doing. And if something did happen, no one would have been there to do anything anyway. Luckily she was and is fine.  I took her back for a check up once and that was it, we have never been back since then. Now, we have a wonderful hospital we go to and we couldn't be happier.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our Game Room

As a wedding gift from Zach's friend and best man, Brian, we got a arcade game.

Zach and our nephew enjoy playing it downstairs in our finished basement. Of course this meant that because people love to play arcade games (well, the people we hang out with), we must get another one. So Zach and Brian drove an hour and a half into the great state of Massachusetts (lol) to get this game, while I waited, watched T.V, ate Chinese food and drank some sangria, with Trinity, Brian's girlfriend (my friend as well) and Trinity's best friend Pancake. (Don't worry the pup's didn't have any sangria.) So, they came back with this new, awesome, SNES, super system!

It's pretty awesome if you ask me and I'm not big into video games. Except super Mario world & Donkey Kong. 

They do look pretty sweet in our basement!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Cookie Dough's Obsession

 I must have the oddest cat ever. Cookie Dough used to be an outside cat for the first eight months of her life. So this makes her ok with water, she loves it. Every time I go into the bathroom she runs to come with me. (Yes, my cat comes into the bathroom with me. We're a close family) She even runs in when she hears the shower stop. Because this is what she does.

 She also loves the bathroom window

But we love her anyway!

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Dogs vs. Cats: The Utlimate Show Down

A patient of mine asked me the other day, who do I like better dogs or cats?? Humm....That's a good one! I have never really thought about it.

I had both a dog and a cat growing up. My cat was afraid of me because my sister and I used to play very ruff with him (Sorry Junior). Until we were older, he never came around us that often. My dad got our dog when I was 10. I played with her in the back yard and I was the one who taught her how to loose leash walk. It's amazing that I did with no training at all. I didn't know what it was all I knew was that I just didn't want her to knock me down.
A show down indeed.

So here I will break it down....

With dogs I can bring them anywhere they are allowed. With a lot of training ANY dog can become CGC certified, a therapy dog or even a service dog. I can bring them to the park, on vacation, swimming, to friends & families homes, or just plain go for a walk. I enjoy that they bond with you so well and read your emotions like no other animal can. NOVA did a wonderful documentary entitled 'Dogs Decoded' where they showed that dogs are the most connected to us. You can watch it on Netflix. They always want to please there owners and will lift your spirit if you need someone to listen to. They are always sad when you leave but happy when whey you return. You can even use them as an excuse to exercise.

Trinity went with us to her Uncle & Auntie's wedding rehearsal

Now onto cats. Independent! That's a cat. They pretty much take care of themselves and you only have to do a few things with them. You don't have to be home at a certain time to let them do there 'business'. You can leave them home all day and they will be ok, especially if you have multiple cats.
But in my experience cats still need your affection. Before we adopted Trinity, Cookie Dough used to follow me everywhere around the house. Both my cats like to cuddle on our laps. And the definatly miss you when your gone for long periods of time. When Zach and I went on our two week honeymoon Cookie Dough was starving for attention. She peed on the table and she knocked over things in the house. Zach's brother had to come over everyday to play with Star & Cookie Dough. (He's such a good cat sitter)
"Please don't take pictures of us. It insults our intelligence!"
 So my answer is...Well I really don't know. Although a lot of this blog is based around Trinity. (I do much more with her) I love all my animals the same!
"Oh fine! I'll just take a nap right in this spot!"

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Trip to the Vet= More Antibiotics

Trinity had a Doctors appointment this week. I was very excited to get her another rabies vaccine, she lost her 2011 tag at my in-laws back in December. I was also ready to get it over with because Trinity hates shots & the people who give them to her.

"I'm not so brave sometimes. But don't tell the squirrels that!"
 She had some blood drawn to check for heart worms, lyme disease & anaplasma. She did not like that they held her paw & she said "That really really hurt!" because she backed up while they were taking the blood. Then she wouldn't go near the vet tech later on. She then was climbing on me while I was sitting on the chair.
"Next time I'm gonna bring my Auntie Lady. She'll scare them away for me!"
Then the Vet came in. He admired her "Beautiful blue tinged eyes." that apparently are "Very unique." (I hadn't even noticed that). He said she's at a perfect weight (55lbs) and won't grow much anymore so we should take her off of puppy food. He also likes her back legs and said that they are 'nice and strong'.
"I'm such a big girl!"
Well, here's the bad news. While she is negative for heart worms (yay!) she is possibly, positive for Lyme disease & anaplasma. I knew those ticks were bad, but I never thought she would get this! But the good news is that, it is curable. So, now she is on antibiotics for a month to treat these diseases. In her short life she's been on 3 courses of antibiotics. But I'm glad that she had the test and will be treated so she can heal fast!
"That still wont stop me from driving to the woods."

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Today Is Trinity's 'Gotcha' Day!

One year ago today we picked up this little cutie from transport.

"Last year I didn't know who these people were."
What a wonderful first year it's been. I hope to have many, many more to come.
"Now their my family!"
Happy 'Gotcha' Day Trinity! We love you!!!