Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top 11 of 2011

I love taking photo's especially of my pets. Here are some of my favorite pictures of 'The Girls' (and some of them with there friends) from this year!

Over at 'Click it up a notch' they are doing a top 11 of 2011 link up contest. So I decided to jump at the chance to show off my pets, my favorite photos and to join a contest. I love contests!


1) This is the photo that started it all and why I fell in love with my 'best friend'.
2) This is Trinity's first day home. She's just sitting pretty. I love how tinny she was only 18lbs!
3) Cookie Dough lying in the sun on an abnormally warm March day.

 4) I wanted to take some pictures of Trinity outside in the back yard. I love this one of Zzch & Trinity.

5) Here we are on  a nice June day.

6) Silly little girl with her new stuffy hanging out of her mouth.

7) A tired pup on the couch.

8) Here's Matt with Trinity & the late Jewels. They were drying off in the sun after a nice swim in the stream.

9) Here she is at my brother-in-law's wedding reception.

10) Trinity and her best friend Pancake!

11) And of course my most favorite picture of all time. Well, of this year.

I hope you enjoyed my favorite photos of this year. I hope to take plenty of pictures of my 'kids' next year!