Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

We hope you all enjoy your halloween and get lots of candy! Be greedy and don't share with your pups. Trinity and Kylie will be trick-or-treating with their cousins.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We Had a Hurricane Come Through

We had a bit of a storm come through our little town in Mass. Well it really wasn't a little storm more like a full scale Category 1 hurricane. Last August we had Irene come through, like the rest of New England, we were out of electricity for four days. We had no water stored up and a ton of food in our fridge. I took showers at my sisters place and we cooked on the grill the whole time. I even resorted to going on our bridge and getting water out of the stream to flush the toilet.

This year I took no chances. I cleaned and filled jugs with good clean water thinking it was going to be like last year, I would procrastinate and we would be left with no water and dishes still in the sink.

Well I prepared a day ahead of time.

Yup lots and lots of water!

Being prepared means eating up all the ice cream in the freezer to make milk shakes!

The storm came through yesterday. We recieved a ton of rain and wind. I didn't go to work but Zach did and ended up coming home early because of loss of power at about noon.

The dogs on patrol.

Our lights flickered on and off through the whole storm but never actually lost electricity for any period of time. We are some of the lucky ones and know that their are still many thousands of people without power. We hope they get it back soon so we all can get back to our regularly scheduled lives.

She went outside for two minuets and was drenched.

 But I had ordered some things off of Amazon like this sweatshirt for Kylie. I thought it was funny that their was a hurricane outside but we were still getting things in the mail. Only in America. Right?

"Aren't I cute??"
"I do not like this hurricane stuff!"

Monday, October 29, 2012

Winning Stuff is Awesome

Last week Badger and Mushroom from Life in 2-Player Mode were having a contest. The prize was for any item off of doggyloot. We won the contest, which is really exciting for me considering I never win anything (well that's a lie. I did win a Christmas cookie jar when I was 10). We decided on the tire balls that light up. Trinity just loves these balls! She chases them all around the house. Zach even named them 'light bally', now whenever he says its name she runs to go get it. She's to smart for her own good sometimes. (I'm really not joking she knows that, I'll take a video of it to prove she knows this.) Here's a nice picture of her with it in her mouth. It's kind of dark but you can still see the light in the ball and Miss. Trinity's expression.

Kylie has no interest in it. She prefers toys and the occasional bone. She also can't get her little mouth around it, poor girl.

Thanks again Badger, Mushroom and Rebelwerwolf for our gift!

Monday, October 15, 2012

The 'Doggy Capturer'

This week I took my niece out for a little girls day. We were driving in the car when we saw a white heating companies van. She thought this was the animal control van and exclaimed, "Oh no. It's the doggy capturer!" I, being the crazy dog aunt I am, asked her what a 'doggy capturer' is. She told me it was a 'guy who go's around stealing dog's'. I decided to take the time to explain to her what the animal control officer actually does, in descriptions a four year old can understand. I said, "He's a person who works for the town picking up dogs and cats that have been lost or no one wanted anymore. Then he brings them to the shelter to be found by thier mom's and dad's or to be adopted into new homes" I have told her about how we should always get our new pets from the animal shelter or rescue group (she calls it the 'rescue shelter') but she didn't seem to understand what it meant by no one wanting an animal anymore. I then told her about how Kylie was found on the side of the road and that someone didn't want her anymore. She said, "No one wanted her anymore? Why would someone not want Kylie anymore?" I decided not to say how crule people can be and that sometimes people do not want to make a lifetime commitment to an animal so it's eisier to drop them off to fend for themselves. I just told her that we need to make sure we love our animals and never give up on them. 
Why would anyone not want this love bug?
It's never to early to educate children on the good and the bad side of animal ownership. I also don't understand why someone would drop off thier dog on the side of the road. All I know is that she's in our family and we will never give up on her. We promise!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Cookie Dough's new hoodie. Well technically it was for Kylie but its to small (weird, I know) we went to return it but Amazon is letting us keep it because we're prime customers and it would cost to much for them to return it. So now it's Cookie Doughs. I'm sure she hates me right about now : D I guess this isn't a "wordless Wednesday" post. Oh well!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Why Do All The Sick Animals Come To Our House?

 It's been over a two months since we adopted Kylie from P.S I Love You and we have had some health issues with her. The day after we adopted her she started coughing in the middle of the night. She was hacking so much that I panicked and called Zach's brother and dad to go to our house and check on her while I was at work. I was so afraid that she was going to choke to death. She was still coughing so we went to the vet that night for a check up.

The vet wasn't sure what it was and explained to us about her possibly having kennel cough. She sent us home with antibiotics and an order for plenty of TLC. The cough was improving for a week but the next Friday night she was coughing non stop for 15 minuets at a time. So, the next day we brought her back to the vet. The doctor discussed with us the possibility of having lung worm or breathing issues. She told us we could possibly have to do a chest x-ray and a trans-treachial wash of her throat to determine what she had. But we could not do an x-ray that day because she was so nervous that she would have to be restrained down to get it or be sedated which you can't do until shes off antibiotics for 5 days. So we went home with an increase in her antibiotic and a cough suppressant. The cough medicine worked really well. She became more active, she was starting wrestling matches with Trinity and could do it for 10 minuets with out going into a coughing fit. So, we decided not to do the treacheal wash and held off on the X-ray for a few weeks.

She didn't need the cough medicine for a few weeks but last week her coughing became worse and she had one a day. I made an appointment for her on Saturday for a chest X-ray. We saw several things on it. One being a pellet in her muscle on her left side. Where she was dumped in Arkansas people frequently shot dogs for sport. I had hoped she hadn't been there to long to get shot but apparently she had been. It's not hurting her so were going to monitor it for now. It also showed a lot of busy activity in her lung fields. Shes not sure if it is 1) chronic bronchitis 2) athsma or 3) lung worm. We sent the X-ray out to the radiologist for a through examination and see what they suggest we do. But for now we are keeping up with the cough suppressant and monitoring her breathing. I just want her to get better and know what's going on in her little body.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012