About Me

I hate writing paragraphs about me, I don't think I'm interesting enough where anyone's really gonna read the whole thing so I'll put my life into short bullet information.
  • I was born & raised in northern RI
  • I moved to southern Mass. in 2010 when I married Zach
  • I speak with a weird accent, people tend to think I'm from NY when really I have a Woonsocket accent, we like to pretend where from NY (not really, I just like to say that)
  • I'm very sarcastic
  • Rarely am I serious
  • I still don't know how to spell Massachusetts, I just used spell check for that
  • I have no human children
  • My pets are my children and refer to myself as 'Mom', Zach refers to me as 'The Momma'
  • I am a shelter/rescue advocate
  • I brainwash my niece & nephew with the "Isn't Auntie just the best?!' ;)
  • My niece is also mine & Zach's goddaughter & refer to her as our 'godniece'
  • I love the warm weather
  • I like to compare Trinity to other dogs (I know I shouldn't do that)
  • I get mad when Trinity's not allowed into places (I know I shouldn't do that either)
  •  I hate it when people tell me that they want there dog to have a litter of puppies because they think she'd be a "good mom". To me it's like saying a 16yr old would be a good mom because she babysits. Dude, spay and neuter your pets!
  • I used to say, 'Small dog? Why don't you just get a cat!' Well now we have a small dog and she's the best. I guess you could say that I have changed my mind!
I will add more to this when I remember more things that you should know about me. But for now thanks for stopping buy the blog!

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